We all Watch.

A tired old man cold and homeless walks into a church foyer in search of coffee.

He pours liquid from a inconspicuous coffee carafe into a paper cup only to find it is simply cream. 

He walks toward another table and finds a large pot.

"Is this coffee?"

No response.

Disappointing hot water pours forth from the spout.

Lots of people watch. 

He leaves empty handed. 


I find you afraid. 

Stop staring so fiercely into the mirror that is meant to be dimly lit.



#hollyann #ofthebreeze

those be my lyrics! 


#hollyann #ofthebreeze

those be my lyrics! 


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yea. my child will dress like this. 

yea. my child will dress like this. 

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Where is my love?

"where is my love?"

It was an 8 Bedroom house. 

Decorated kindly with Flowers, art that told stories, and comfortable furniture.

"where is my love?"

Each room breathed life, yet all visitors ceased to come save the local cleaning women who came every other Wednesday. 

And the Diligent Florist Who came every Thursday to trade the wilting flowers for a new fresh and vibrant variety. 

A lovely lady of 73 only vacated her room, the one that the cleaning lady and florist were instructed to leave be, once in a great while.

Tonight, she walks through each of her 8 rooms aimlessly. 

Rooms she will always call his. 

"Horses Galloping, bring him to me."

Brushing the walls for support with her arthritic fingers, she weeps for each room. each memory. 

She counts the doors




and re-enters her room, and gently slides her feet in between the sheets of a four poster bed.

A bed she will always call Theirs. 

"Where is my Love?" 

lyrics in quotation from Cat Powers “where is my love?”

wait out the days

It was a little funny, but mostly sad.

The record spun at the wrong speed, but he lay on the floor unmoved to change it. 

"When Memory is a blank page, and the teeth in you mouth are all cliches." 

Most of his body felt like cooling tar on a stagnant night. 

All except his knees.

They were banging back and forth as would a palpitating heart.

It was a little funny, but mostly sad.

He would sit there, banging his knees into each other,

more than half expecting that when he willed his knees to stop,

so he would will his heart.

Slower than it should, the record played. 

"Wait out the days till death comes to claim all that life didn’t already claim."

in quotes, Rocky Votolato- Wait out the days. 



Oreo Stuffed Brownies. Enough said.

Holy crap….Holy crap.

Oreo Stuffed Brownies. Enough said.

Holy crap….

Holy crap.

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